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PHNOM PENH – The Ministry of Health has issued a 15-day quarantine directive to prevent and prevent the disease in 19 Home. According to a release from the Ministry of Health on March 16, the ministry has instructed the Directive of the Royal Government on From measures and prevention of polio 19 on March 15.

The Ministry of Health recommends that individuals be allowed to stay indoors for 14 days in separate rooms as follows: : The room is well ventilated. If the same room is not possible, keep it 2 meters away from family members. Reduce the use of shared space, reduce overall living space.

The following 14 days are followed by personal health and symptoms, including cough, heat, sore throat, tiredness, difficulty breathing or any other symptoms. Wash hands often, especially with contact and respiratory fluids. Use a sanitary napkin, cover the nose and mouth when coughing and then throw it in the trash.