Kompong Cham: Technical officials of the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology together with Kompong Cham provincial authorities have repaired the reservoir dams in Prey Chhor, Cheung Prey and Khum Samrong districts, Prey Chhor district for the benefit of farmers irrigating the crop.

In the morning of 29 April 2020, Kampong Cham Provincial Governor U Channda and Director General of Technical Affairs of Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology led the concerned officials and departments along with district authorities. Prey Chhor and Choeung Prey districts inspect the repairs of the reservoir Dam located in Prey Chhor Commune Ankle Prey & Anlong Commune, Prey Chhor District.

In order to improve people's living standards and join the Royal Government in reducing poverty by enhancing the farmers' productivity, the Kompong Cham provincial administration asked the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology for their support. Work on repairing the dam at the above location and repairing the works include repairing the dam 3,900 meters long and 3 water gates.

The dam maintains 12 million cubic meters of water for irrigation, in addition to 452 hectares of irrigated rice, 1,250 hectares of dry season rice and 40 hectares of cropland, which could benefit, officials said. To 10 villagers in Samrong commune, Prey Chhor district and Prey Chhor commune, Cheung Prey district, of which 3,213 families are able It depends on the pool area.