Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation and the Secretary-General of the General Secretariat of the National Road Safety Committee and other relevant institutions will start the education campaign on Road safety in 25 provinces and cities again in mid-July after being suspended due to recovery Of the disease 19

According to MEN MENAVY, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Secretary-General of the General Secretariat of National Road Safety Committee. C) told the Post yesterday.

She said that from June 23 to 26, the Ministry of Public Works and the General Secretariat of the National Road Safety Committee, the Department of Public Works and Provincial Transportation Secretariat Sub-Committee on Road Safety Provincial Committees On Road Safety in 4 Provinces Mondulkiri, Ratanakiri, Stung Treng and Preah Vihear Province To be involved in respect of the Road Traffic Law and reduce traffic accidents.

"We will continue to carry out the campaign," she said. But because of the fact that the current case of Kovir 19 has been slightly improved by external import, so we have to look at the situation. The disease is calm for a while and we continue to carry out the campaign. ”

Prum Vantha, Director of Department of Road Safety, Ministry of Public Works and Head of Dissemination Education of General Secretariat Through the campaign, the team organized a meeting with the citizens and asked questions and answered questions about road safety. Helmets and mentors to young people to learn about Cambodia Driving Rules It's easy for people to learn about the Road Traffic Law and test their ability.

Prom Vantha says that once the outbreak of Kov 19 is relieved, the team will continue to carry out the campaign in target provinces. The other. The target provinces to follow are Kandal, Takeo, Kampot and Kep.

"Our action plan is to carry out the campaign for the year 2020, we have 25 applications," he said. Capital – Provinces. What we plan to go down to is the second week of July to continue the campaign in these four provinces. ».

Through the campaign from June 23 to 26 in the four provinces, nearly 500 people participated in the campaign, Mr. Vantha said. Educate, disseminate and receive helmets from the campaign team.

“This campaign is aimed at appealing to all road users, especially motorcycle users, for their attention. “Submitting and participating in the Road Traffic Law will allow them to participate in preventing and reducing road traffic accidents to a minimum.”

Kim Panha, country director of AIP Foundation, said yesterday that the implementation of the campaign was the same goal. Ministries, relevant institutions and the AIP Foundation are continuing to be implemented in 2020.

“Through this campaign, we also want to send a message to the people about raising the cost of fines,” he said. High to make people more aware of this because now we have only implemented some of the fines and to date Next, the authorities will impose a full penalty, so our people should be informed about the cost of these new fines, ”he said.

However, Panha said that for the current number of traffic accidents, it is difficult to manage Comparatively, while the Ivory Coast issue has slowed down the flow of traffic between citizens and tourists, he encouraged the ministry and stakeholders. Continue to carry out such campaigns even more.

On June 27, AIP Foundation also launched a road safety awareness campaign on national highways. Some of the most important are National Road 4, National Highway 6 and National Road 1. The AIP Foundation will continue to carry out the campaign on national highways in more than 70 provinces by 2020, he said.