Phnom Penh: Ministry of Public Works and Transport and other relevant institutionsReviewed and commented on draft water and sewerage draft and discussed the final draft of the draft and Departments of Departments, Departments of the General Department of Sewage Filters

The meeting was chaired by HE Mr. Pal Chandara, Secretary of State, attended by leaders of the Ministry and relevant officials to prepare the draft (Ad-hoc) On the latest draft Prakas on the organization and functioning of the Departments, Departments of the General Department of Wastewater Treatment Systems.

The meeting was held to discuss and comment on draft water and sewerage management and draft Prakas. Conducted by the offices of the Departments of General Departments of Wastewater Treatment System by in-depth study of internal structure. Allocate each office-level role to ensure efficient and sustainable work.

His Excellency Secretary of State mentioned the important working results achieved after the decision on the establishment of inter-ministerial working group to review and comment on Draft the Law on Wastewater Management and Management Structure to guide the management of waste water in Cambodia.

HE Secretary of State underlines the importance of in-depth discussion, input and correction of errors Draft Prakas on the Organization and Functioning of the Office of the Departments of the General Department of Sewage Treatment System Draft and draft Draft Management of Wastewater and Drainage System and upcoming inter-ministerial meeting

The law improves drainage and wastewater treatment systems to be more efficient and responsive to Develops, repairs and maintains drainage, sewerage, sewerage and storm drainage systems, and participates in and provides support to Develop policy, strategy, action plan and national development plan.

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