Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Ministry of Justice has denied any corruption and irregularities in the examination of the 10th-grade student judge held in December No, but accepted the improvement point in the justice sector after meeting with members of the Supreme Advisory and Advisory Council on the day Tuesday.

After receiving the approval of Prime Minister Hun Sen, at the invitation of the President of the Khmer Party, he rose through the Supreme Council of Advisory and Advisory Justice Minister Ang Vong Vathana said on the ministry's official Facebook page that the 10-year-old judge's selection of judges Yes Functioning without corruption and properly in accordance with the law.

At the same time, Ang Vong Vathana described the examination as being conducted under scrutiny with the recognition of Anti-Corruption Unit as well as the Royal Academy of Judicial Professions.

“In this case, the Delegation of the Ministry of Justice has already made it clear to the Supreme Council for consultation and advice. A Delegation of Justice Ministry clarified the key principles that ensure that the selection of students, judges, is conducted in a transparent, accurate and sound manner. Reliable based on internal regulations and competition procedures.

In addition to interpreting the case, Mr. Ang Vong Vathana claimed that the Ministry of Justice had also received comments, information and suggestions from some party delegates who raised As well as irregularities in the implementation of the legal process, inaction and corruption in the judiciary.

He added: “The Ministry of Justice is happy to welcome comments and suggestions from members of the Supreme Advisory and Advisory Council. Considering that this is a contribution and an important input … ”

However, Vorn Vannabong, the chairman of the Khmer People's Party and a member of the Supreme Advisory and Advisory Council, told the Post yesterday that the claim The Ministry of Justice is just an excuse. He said he would follow up on what he found in the justice sector, which the minister acknowledged and promised to improve.

“We had the success of the judges and prosecutors' internal examination after almost an hour of debate. Finally, the Ministry of Justice recognizes that there is a real shortage of law enforcement…. ”

The Supreme Council of Advisory and Advisory also mentioned in its press release after the conclusion of the debate on Tuesday that Normally, the issue of inaction, abuse of power and corruption urges the Ministry of Justice to take effective measures to prevent and punish individuals Yes .

“Due to the unusual behavior of the person, Samdech Techo initiated the idea of ​​having the Supreme Council of Consultation and Counseling available,” it said. "The only goal is to benefit the Cambodian people by taking a stand for the strengthening of the rule of law."

At the same time, the Supreme Council of the Advisory and Advisory Committee requested that the Ministry of Justice strengthen the prosecution body to fulfill legal duties to avoid arrest. Opposition parties, on the other hand, have to be active in building criminal cases as lawsuits in relation to violence on Body etc.

Sorn Chey, president of the NGO Social Accountability Alliance, said that overall, the mechanism appeared to be less attractive. He did not expect the mechanism to be more effective in terms of reform than the multi-member parliament From that party too.

“If there are as many parties as in parliament, there is a powerful debate. Despite some of the attention, for the Supreme Council of Advisory and Advisory, we see them working at a limited level Of no competition. ”