Phnom Penh: Ministry of Information and Audiovisual Information On January 29, 2020, the notification was issued regarding the dissemination of false information about the transmission of pneumonia virus New Rona (2019-nCoV) via the media account / Facebook page.

Please let the public know that there has been a lot of misinformation recently
Pneumonia with New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) via Account / Page
Facebook Page) in some social networks without authentication
With the relevant authority, there is confusion and cause concern to the public about the dissemination of false information.

So to find out and get the latest information on the new coronavirus pneumonia
(2019-nCoV) The General Department of Information and Broadcasting calls on all the public to follow
Follow up on the Ministry of Health's official Facebook Page or Facebook Page
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's official Facebook Page or Facebook page Page) Official of the relevant ministries and institutions.

For media organizations, be cautious in media coverage
About the new coronavirus pneumonia virus infection (2019-nCoV) by source verification
Information to relevant ministries and institutions before issuing and making corrections
Timely, all the information that it disseminates incorrectly, without clear sources, can lead to social unrest.

Any person who disseminates or distributes false information or news organizations that do not correct the information True, face the law in force