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Phnom Penh: Government Spokesman Denies Declaration of Faintings, Deaths of both Foreigners and Nationals This past Khmer is false. Speaking at a press conference on the afternoon of March 5, 2020 at the Ministry of Information.

“Ask people not to believe in propaganda and information, and when information comes up And shout out to the Kod 19 to ask the people not to believe, for there is a doctor's confirmation "There were 19 cases of cholera that went away unconscious or died."

She said that Cervicitis 19 had a less accurate initial time, and without treatment, the disease would develop Seriously. It does not die immediately, it develops into a serious condition and lasts from one to three weeks Weeks or weeks, weeks, or months can also be. If the condition becomes severe and there is no cure, the patient may also die. As for the disease, she said: "Therefore, Kov 19 cannot have the condition to faint or faint. He fell down dead.

She said that in the past, there have been no confirmed cases of polio 19 So far, Cambodia has not had the disease. Also, the spokeswoman said that according to the World Health Organization's report, Kovi's disease DEC 19: China is on the decline, and as of March 4, 2020 There were 120 cases of coronary heart disease. But from the end of January to the end of February, up to thousands of new cases were found.

Currently, the efficacy of curing the disease has been reduced, and transmission has been reduced to 100 new cases As of March 4, 2020. Reportedly, in 76 countries around the world, the disease has been reported 19 And the finding contained a total of 2103 new cases of the disease. She noted that with the development of the disease, there are three stages: 1. It happens in one country but that comes from another place. Domestic epidemics, and 3. Global pandemics means global pandemic.

She said that to date, no Cambodians have been diagnosed with polio 19 But we are not silent, are actively promoting this by taking action to find the suspected cases so that Doctors evaluate. In the event that the doctor is found to be in doubt, he will take the sample to the Pasteur Institute This virus is infected with the HIV 19 virus.