For the third consecutive day (April 4, 5 and 6) there have been no new cases of polio 19 Finds While Three New Healing Heals Increase in total Healing Up to 53 people. According to a statement from the Ministry of Health issued on the morning of April 6, 2020.

When the number of recoveries rose to 53, the number of people recovering from cholera fell to 61. A total of 114 patients were found since the beginning of January.

The other three recovering were Malaysian men, 39, 26 and 40. The three Malaysian men came to Cambodia for religious work in Kang Meas district, Kampong Cham province. All three of them have now been cured with two HIV-negative tests and were found to be on the right track. He has been released from Kompong Cham hospital.

However, Ministry of Health spokeswoman Ou Vandin told the Post on April 5 that there was no case. However, new measures have been discovered, but Cambodia must remain vigilant in preventing the spread of infection by individuals One to the other.

She said: "Residents are following the instructions every day. This is very important. We haven't found it in three days, and we don't think it's a duplicate, and we extend the opportunity Make the virus, Cavid 19, come back to us eventually. We have not been able to assess whether the HIV infection in Cambodia has ended. ”