Phnom Penh: Ministry of Health spokeswoman Ms. Ovandin said the ministry had not yet authorized the use of the rapid test on an individual basis as there was no confirmation from the World Health Organization.

The spokeswoman said in a telegram on the morning of March 29 that they are currently in the process of validation and hope to get confirmation soon.

She said that, of course, it would be good to use them, but be very careful in copying them to the community for the uncertainty of the test. Every country has tried to produce such tests and they are all under test.

"We have taken this into account before these tests come up, but in order to prevent further deterioration, we are always in discussions with the World Health Organization," she said. "If a person with the HIV-19 virus gets tested so quickly that it does not have the HIV-19 virus, then the person who has the virus will pass it on to the community, which is very difficult to control."

She said the Ministry of Health will pay close attention to measures and measures to prevent the spread of the HIV virus. There is also a rapid mode of testing and it is hoped that there will be an introduction soon of any kind of test that can be used but not for anonymity trading without the ministry's permission. Wellness.