The Ministry of Health on June 11, 2020 The statement was rejected in the case of an 18-year-old Vietnamese man living with HIV-positive 19 from Cambodia.

The Ministry of Health of Cambodia completely rejects the information posted on the Vietnamese website Case of an 18-year-old Vietnamese man infected with HIV 19 traveling from Cambodia into Vietnam on the Thuong border Phuon) May 25, 2020 tested positive for kovid 19 and placed in treatment at Nguyen Hong Health Center Huyen Hong Ngu Health Center on June 7, 2020. So far, no official reports of Vietnamese cases have been provided by the Vietnamese health authorities, according to a report by the Vietnamese Health Ministry. Mutual disease (EOC) of new infectious diseases in ASEAN countries.

According to the Ministry of Health, the Working Group of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia and the Provincial Health Department, especially Prey Veng Most of the time, however, none of the above Vietnamese individuals are in Cambodia or out of the gate mentioned in the press release issued to Vietnam Also.

On the contrary, the report clearly shows that the Vietnamese man lives in Huyen Hong Ngu commune, Huyen Hong Ngu district. ) In Vietnam, Vietnam does not live in Cambodia, and the transmission is contagious in Vietnam.

The information that the Ministry has seen published by the Ministry's team is always researching in our Kingdom, which has been thoroughly researched and today I would like to inform that no new positive HIV-19 virus has been detected or reported through the Ministry of Surveillance System That.

The Ministry of Health has called on the Vietnamese side to adhere to international technical standards and regulatory guidelines on infectious diseases before making any conclusions. Seriously impacting Cambodia's efforts in the fight against the HIV / AIDS virus 19 for the benefit of both peoples. The Ministry of Health remains committed to good, transparent cooperation in order to prevent the deadly epidemic of COVID-19 (COVID-19). Globally
By: Kolab