Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Environment has confirmed that HE Sok Sovann Vandana Sabong Should be held responsible for spreading false information on its social media pages, causing social and governmental harm. Government through burning people's anger and hatred of law enforcement.

The Ministry of Environment regrets the irresponsible acts and ignorance of the procedures and procedures of working within the framework The administration of the President of the Khmer Delegation led by His Excellency Sok Sovann Vannabong, Member of the Council of Ministers and Advisory during the visit Complete the mission National Parks in the region Ville (dance), geographic district, Preah Vihear Province, on May 2, 2020.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Environment on May 3, 2020, there is an arrogance and use of profanity. Without any clear evidence, the head of the Cambodian Delegation stood up to the local authorities and the competent officials were not fit to be competent and Hands The Royal Government is to fulfill its mission.

In the face of the blasphemy and indiscriminate accusation of HE Sok Sovann Vandabong, the Ministry of the Environment would like to inform the national and international public. That:

The Ministry of Environment is open and always cooperates with members of the Council of Ministers for consultation and advice, but requests the head of the Cambodian delegation Learn about public administration procedure and legal procedure, informing and requesting collaboration from Ministry of Environment, the professional body There is Jurisdiction over national parks Ville (dance). Having the head of a political party unknowingly working in such areas does not benefit the society but rather produces Anarchy and encouragement for the perpetrators of illegal encroachment into state land.

The head of the Khmer Rouge delegation, His Excellency Sok Sovann Vannabong, published false information on his social media page, with insults and insults. Said the authorities: "Yes
"The violence used to kill between 30 and 50 people, especially in this case of death." In the name of the head of a political party, he should be careful and careful in the dissemination of information and avoid such misinformation that could have a detrimental effect. To society. The Ministry of Environment would like to clarify that there is no use of violence and confinement of citizens as mentioned.

The people who came to protest that he considered the victim to be the fact that they were illegal occupiers The area is already listed on state land. In 2016, the Sihanouk Provincial Administration set up a joint task force to measure and identify the parcels of the people who were living and dependent. Affected land in the development of Evergreen and Joyce Company. Royal Decree No 217 ANK dated 13 December 2017 on the designation of community areas of the Preah Sihanouk National Park The 667.96 hectares of land are already in the geographical area of ​​Ream commune, Prey Nop district, Preah Sihanouk province. Separately, the encroachment of forest land in the Sihanouk National Park (Ream) by anarchists was entered in October 2018 by the group They are divided into areas for them to occupy, such as the western point of the head, the island of Snail, and the point of Benin These groups were not occupied Urban. Sub-Decree No. 217 dated December 13, 2017 on Determination of the communal areas of the National Park of Sihanoukville (dance).

4 As the movement of land in Preah Sihanouk province (Ramsar) increased and increased encroachment on the land ) As well as the Preah Sihanouk Provincial Department of Environment, the proposal was made by letter No. 154/19 the Extension of the DPRK dated 12 August 2019 on Request of the Preah Sihanouk Provincial Unified Commission for Submission Removing and relocating slums on the west side of Prek Praek and Snail Island, Smach Deng Village, Ream Commune, Prey Nop District, Preah Sihanouk Province Development Investment Company of Sihanouk Green National Park, Preah Ream. On May 2, 2020, a crowd of about 20-30 people gathered at the point of departure in the development area. Yuek Chiek Company (near the border of Evergreen Development Investment Company), a military officer in cooperation with the district unity commission. Prey Nup, led by Prum Bunny The district administration has advised them not to education has gathered. At the same time, the team also found that three villagers were involved in land grabbing on the site where the team had been suppressed. So far, all three citizens (one male and two female) have been invited for questioning.

The activities that the Khmer Delegation led by HE Sok Sovann Vannabong performed in the Preah Sihanouk National Park (Ream) It was clear that the party's delegates had no real intention of cooperating with local authorities and competent institutions, but the party delegates were intent on defying the official. Apply Laws and try to prevent offenders from the population as a shield. HE Sok Sovann Vannabong should be responsible for spreading misinformation on his social media pages, causing social harm. And government leadership by inciting the people and the movement to hate the authorities.
The Ministry of the Environment is hopeful that the Cambodian Delegation Delegation, and especially His Excellency Sok Sovann Vandabong, will be mature and aware of the rules and procedures Legal way of carrying out its duties and duties;

It should be noted that William wrote on the official Facebook message that on May 2, 2020, the Supreme Council's legal process took place. Consultation and suggestions were blocked by private security and environmental officials led by Muy Chhay and district administration officials as we visited. Find out the facts I heard that the authorities used to force between 30 and 50 people, especially in this case, of the deaths. The case took place in Smach Deng village, Ream commune, Prey Nop district, Preah Sihanouk province.

The environmental officer and private security guard detained us, reminding us of a series of policies despite the mission letter from the governor, William said. Institutionally, while the road is the only route to the site, only one kilometer is reached This has happened.

"This is a deliberate act by officials involved in trying to cover up the truth and create a secessionist movement here." Lap