Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in collaboration with National University of Technology Institute of Technology of Cambodia and UNDP at the Technology and Youth Conference In order to prepare young people to be ready for the digital age, they must work hard for higher education in preparation for social development The economy and the nation's economy.

Minister of Education Hang Chuon Naron said at the opening of the conference yesterday that the Royal Government of Cambodia has set a vision of 2030 to turn. Cambodia to be the highest middle-income nation by 2050 Therefore, the Ministry of Education has put in place an education reform agenda aimed at improving the quality of education by making the education sector responsive And economic development on the training of high quality human resources and meeting current economic vision and context.

“So the goal of this conference is to prepare how our youth in this digital age must be prepared ? I highly commend the National University of Management and the Institute of Technology of Cambodia as well as UNDP for organizing this conference to inform. Youth What are the characteristics of the modern Cambodian youth and how to prepare for the government's vision? In this new era.

Over the past six years, the ministry has put forward an education reform agenda at all levels, including primary, secondary and tertiary education. By creating a new generation of schools and technology training, especially science and technology teaching. The ministry also invests more in universities to get the university ready. “This digital education aims to use technology to solve economic and social issues, especially to prepare for it Creating Smart Cities and Building Smart Cities. ”

The Minister advised that youth must use technology and have knowledge and skills to solve problems and be effective. Leaders too. This digital education requires a strong youth personality – to work in a team, use digital tools such as App Other. Young people need to be responsible, committed, and constantly learning for life in order to gain new skills and maturity. Adapt to the changing situation.

“Cambodia needs high quality human resources to compete with other countries in the region,” he said. Therefore, the goal of our education is to enable young people to become well-equipped, physically fit, fit and healthy citizens. Contribute to economic and social development.

Hor Peng, rector of National University of Management, said that the conference was attended by nearly 2,000 youth and students from higher education institutions. And youth organizations at public and private institutions.

He said the conference aims to share more knowledge about the latest trends in the technological evolution of the world, the fourth industrial revolution, the technological advances. Digitalization and the potential of the job market created by this technology to enable young people to prepare and prepare for new jobs in the future. .

“The conference also aims to share some relevant information and practical knowledge to interested young people,” he said. How to create a digital work-related digital program that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is looking to develop Learn more. ”

Hor Peng indicated that the world economy is changing due to the rapid development and growth of the use of ICT. Although the dynamics of digital transformation vary from one country to another, they have had an effect. In all countries of the world. This change can be both an opportunity and a challenge for developing countries.