Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has set targets for the 2019-2023 period and towards 2030, with the goal of achieving sustainable development goals. Fourth, on the principle of quality, equity, learning environment, lifelong learning, and continuing to reduce skills gaps, increase skills supply in priority areas That puts forth the Nou Digital education.

According to Dy Khamboly, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, at a press conference on "Ministry's continued progress and direction. Education, Youth and Sport ”at the Council of Ministers yesterday.

He outlined the future direction of the Ministry of Education in response to the government's Rectangular Strategy Phase 4, considering human resource development. The first priority is that the Ministry of Education is committed to achieving the first priority on "improving quality of education, science and technology". 1.

"The next phase of 2019-2023 and towards 2030, the Ministry of Education is committed to achieving the fourth Sustainable Development Goal," he said. Education on the principle of quality, equity, education, lifelong learning and all. In addition, the Ministry continues to reduce the skills gap by working with stakeholders to increase the supply of high-demand skills in a number of priority areas. The ministry launches digital education in response to the policy and direction of Cambodia's digital economy. ”

In response to the above goals, the Ministry of Education has approved the “Roadmap to Sustainable Development Goals 2030 on Education in Cambodia” »As early as 2019, to ensure equitable, quality education and enhance lifelong learning opportunities for all. Everyone.

He said the Ministry of Education has successfully implemented the Education Strategic Plan 2014-2018 in the 5th mandate with the participation of All stakeholders. The Education Strategic Plan 2019-2030 has been developed with the goal of continuing to implement education, youth and sports reforms and laying the groundwork for the year ahead. 2030 and in line with the vision of Cambodia's socio-economic development and reform programs.

According to Khamboli, there are currently 13,300 private schools in the country, excluding 4,301 kindergarten. There are 7,228 primary schools, 1,246 secondary schools and 525 high schools.

In total, there are 14,522 public and private schools. In particular, there are 125 tertiary institutions in the country, of which 48 are public and 77 are private. The number of students studying at higher education is 211,484, with 98,630 female students – 46.63% now students of all levels There were 3,1879,712 students, of whom 1,777,271 were 49.50 percent.