Phnom Penh: After observing that some establishments have not fully complied with the Ministry of Youth and Sports regulations, the ministry has issued guidelines and norms to improve the implementation of these regulations more effectively. .

According to the Ministry Directive of January 20, 2020, there are a few institutions that have not fully implemented, especially the management of learners in the campus, without disseminating and implementing internal regulations. Comprehensive and responsible study of the causes of violence and emerging phenomena E.

In order to strengthen the effective implementation of the internal rules, ensure the morale, morals, safety, non-violence and active phenomena at all institutions, the Ministry recommends:

The School Board shall reinforce the duties of the teachers in charge of the teachers, teachers in the subject, to guide the students to follow the rules during school hours, and to strengthen the role of the Youth Council, the Disciplinary Board of Education for prevention measures and Address any student misbehavior on campus _Ruah study.

The Board of Trustees shall meet to discuss the duties of the student: discipline, ethics, ethics, dress, grooming, hygiene, discipline, and leave.

The school board shall liaise and cooperate closely with parents / guardians of the community to provide information regarding any unusual incidents.

The school management team has to work closely with the competent bodies such as: National Police, Gendarmerie, local authorities to provide information in case of gang-related violence, gang-rape, student or gang activity near or inside the premises School facilities.

The DEOs must set an agenda on the effectiveness of implementing regulations.

The Provincial Department of Education, Youth and Sports shall disseminate guidance on law enforcement, especially the internal regulations of schools.

Learners must follow the rules, guidelines, and standards that come out. In case of misconduct, the student will be punished under the Internal Rules. In addition to criminal offenses inside and outside the school premises, the student is responsible before the law and subject to the authority of the hierarchy. By: Tylott