PHNOM PENH – The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport said that broadcasting of distance learning and e-learning programs will start from the day April 20, 2020 tomorrow.

According to the Ministry of Education's Facebook page on 19 April, the launch was conducted at the recommendation of the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia The success comes from the joint task force of the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport Cooperation on the above program .

Prior to the launch of the program tomorrow, inter-ministerial technical teams held a working meeting Under the guidance of Information Minister Khieu Kanharith to review and decide on various points and visit the studio Television Depot TV To ensure that tomorrow's broadcast went smoothly serve the needs of students.

The Ministry of Education says that students can watch instructional videos by:

1. TVK2, or TVK2, is a new educational channel for education.

2. Relay by TV satellite TV or Dtv Channel 22 to rural areas.

3. New cable TV channels have been set up in every province and city.

4. Ministry of Education e-learning website link:

5. Using the Smartphone to Use the Ministry of Information's App

In addition, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport said that the program will start at 8 am Replay 24 hours daily for students in grades 1-12 and early childhood education programs Get students to watch for free.

Please note that the study program was launched while the study in Cambodia has been temporarily suspended due to Ivory Coast – 19 But despite the reopening of the school, the channel continues to broadcast many educational programs The same

By Eng Bucheng