Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has released a new storytelling program called "Storytelling" to promote literacy and Encourage children to read by the Ministry stating that this new storytelling program will bring hope and joy to children and families within The stage of the cholera epidemic 19 in which all children are required to study at home.

According to a joint press release from the Ministry of Education and UNICEF, which launched the new children's storytelling program on June 13 . The new storyline is a 12-part pre-recorded video series with 30 episodes The minutes are designed to educate and entertain children and families. Each session also includes a question-and-answer session with UNICEF organizers, where viewers can ask questions about self-defense. And preventive measures against cow disease 19. The program will also be available on the two-page TV channel Facebook, the Ministry of Education, the National Committee for Child Protection and Development and UNICEF.

The announcement was read by two comedians and taken from a book published by Sipar, The organization works in close partnership with the Ministry of Education and UNICEF, which is producing the best education books for Cambodian children to promote Their reading ability and knowledge as well.

Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron spoke during the launch of the storytelling program and expressed his delight at making the program available. Innovative and encouraging to assist Cambodian children in distance learning.

“Our ministry is pleased to launch this new storytelling program for the enjoyment of children and families. Through our online learning system as well as through TV2. ” He said the Ministry of Education, with the support of UNICEF, is providing distance learning opportunities for students from grade level. Kindergarten through middle school, including online, television and radio.

“The storytelling program as well as other important and diverse distance learning programs,” UNICEF Education Director Catherine Bernnette said. That UNICEF is supporting the Ministry of Education is critical to promoting equality and accountability in providing education services to vulnerable children. There are still opportunities to continue learning. ” To ensure that every child and family knows and can learn from the storytelling program, UNICEF encourages audiences to participate. Share your favorite books on social media using the hashtag #TeyTeyNitean.