Announcement on cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport With the Ministry of Information to design, produce and disseminate 'distance learning' and 'e-learning' programs.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education on April 20, all students, parents, guardians and the public take care of how to get there “Distance learning” and “e-learning” programs on the National Television of Cambodia Network, Cable TV, Digital Education Forum Of the Ministry of Education APP levels of the Ministry of Information.

The Ministry of Education has stated that, following the guidance of the Head of the Royal Government of Cambodia, to assist the education of all students in kindergarten And general education during the period of post-vacation re-entry for all levels of institutions, both public and private, the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Information has co-designed, produced and disseminated 'distance learning' and 'e-learning' programs Video broadcasts of all levels of teaching on the National Television of Cambodia TV / 2 as well as live broadcasts. Cable TV, Capital, Provincial Digital Education Forum The existing education and the App of the Ministry of Information. This collaboration enhances the richness and excellence of providing quality, equitable and environmentally sound education, enhancing academic efficiency and Distance learning for all students today.

From April 20, 2020, students from all levels of education in all of the Kingdom of Cambodia will be able to watch instructional videos. Via:
TVK 2, or TVK 2, is a newly created television channel dedicated to educational broadcasting.
Decho DTV Satellite TV, Channel 22
3 new cable TV stations across 25 cities and provinces with 55 new channels on TVK or 2K 2 (See the Appendix A of this notice for the name of the TV company
Cable and channel numbers in each capital city / province) ៕ By: Kolab