Phnom Penh: HE Dr. Hang Juan Naron, Minister of Education The Ministry of Education and Youth has issued a notification to the Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Director of the Institute of State Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport Sports on allowing the State High School to hold a two-day graduation ceremony at the school.

According to the notification of the Ministry of Education on July 7, 2020, due to the technical nature of higher education institutions The State cannot hold ONLINE exams, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport authorizes ONLINE state-run institutes Organize exam room of 15 to 20 persons per room and ensure implementation of health safety measures by the Ministry of Health and WHO. State institutions of higher education have to submit applications to the Ministry for review and information.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has also notified the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Higher Education Association for the approval of educational institutions. Individuals can hold high school diploma exams and high school diploma exams and private higher education institutions can take year-end exams Two days.

According to a letter from the Ministry of Education on July 6, 2020, the ministry has issued guidance to private institutions at all levels Teaching and learning remotely or electronically.

The ministry also mentioned the possibility of allowing electronic examinations on the respective school calendar, ensuring acceptable quality standards. Yes. The Ministry will cooperate with private institutions to ensure this quality standard.

For any private institution that follows the instruction of the Ministry, it may issue a high school diploma and a high school diploma with the recognition of Ministry, but private institutions must sign on their own. The ministry will conduct inspections as necessary to ensure the quality of the degree.
By: Kolab