The Ministry of Education on March 16 introduced guidelines on starting a small vacation And premature leave for educational institutions of all levels, both public and private, across the country, the Ministry of Education issued today.

According to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Minister Hang Chuon Naron, according to the WHO's Epidemiologic Status of Epidemiology 19, the World Health Organization and its findings Continuing the positive impact of Vodirovs 19 on Cambodians and foreigners coming to Cambodia, which requires immediate prevention and prevention measures. And as directed by the Government The Ministry of Education recommends that all levels of public education institutions, both public and private, begin to practice before the holiday. From the date of the notification until the new notice.

Information must be collected on all student travel programs, trainees, students and educators to the countries where the outbreak occurred. During the 14 days prior to March 16, 2020 In the case of trainees, students, and academic personnel who have a history of traveling to this country and are in doubt about their own health or having similar symptoms. Kovid is urgently dialed 115 to consult and provide information to school institutes in order to report to the Ministry of Education. Assign a team to prevent the spread of the disease to monitor and report incidents to education staff and students and provide information Information to the Ministry of Education daily through existing contact system in case of any doubts ៕ By: Kolab