Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Ministry of Economy and Finance sets out the principle of transferring voluntary contributions from the salaries of senior civil servants participating in the disease control fund. Kiev 19, while currently funded by more than $ 10 million.

Economy and Finance Minister Aun Porn Moniroth on Friday issued a letter to all armed forces officials announcing donations for the fund. Fight for the disease 19, having set a policy of deduction for civil servants salaries announced since May.

His letter states that dignitaries, leaders and civil servants of all levels of the Ministry of State have continued to make significant contributions by sacrificing Personal Payments to the Kovid 19 Foundation, following the example of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Mr. Hun Sen announced his donation 100% of his salary for seven months for the fund.

Aun Porn Moniroth said the ministry sees some difficulties in transferring the salaries because the salaries of civil servants for March and April are It has already been opened to a large number of civil servants. In addition, civil servants of some ministries are paid according to the salary accounts of the commercial banks, partners under the Ministry of Economy, and Finance and the Ministry of Public Works.

In this case, the Ministry will coordinate to automatically deduct and transfer that contribution to the Global Tuberculosis Fund 19 by May. The first month.

Where civil servants do not have their own payroll, such as the military and other officials or civil servants who have a salary account, are not under the coordination of the Ministry. Both individuals who make a donation must transfer or pay their contribution directly to the fund.

Ministry of Economy and Finance spokesman Meas Soksan said yesterday that the ministry did not yet have a figure for the salaries of civil servants who volunteered to contribute. No, he was referring to figures from the Ministry of Health and the Prime Minister's announcement.

“We encourage them to pay from May 5,” he said. Not to pay the fourth month. This month, a generous donor has donated his fourth month to the charity. This month we have already paid all civil servants' accounts. So if he wants to make a donation from the fourth month, then he can withdraw directly. ”

As of April 4, 2020, the National Committee for the Fight against Tuberculosis 19 had received more than $ 10 million, which came from donors. Contribute to the donation and the salary that the civil servant contributes. The prime minister said Saturday.

In a voiceover message on Saturday night, Hun Sen said: “We are preparing this budget to help people in the situation. Cambodia, which is battling the World Health Organization 19, is buying masks and medical supplies, buying alcohol and preparing to help people in need. Practical and necessary Enough said.

At the same time, charities and companies have donated 19 anti-retrovirals to ministries and institutions. Phnom Penh Police Chief Sam White received 12,000 bottles of 610 bottles of alcohol and 20 liters of 90 liters of drinking water. Minister of Justice, Mr. Rith, also received gifts from alcohol, sunglasses and some medical equipment from the charity.

At the Ministry of Interior, Khieu Sopheak, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior, received a gift from a private company with 200 bottles of disinfectant and a medical mask. 10,000 masses. Some provinces also receive donations from companies and charities.