As Cambodia struggles with the spread of the HIV virus 19, General Chhum Socheat, Secretary of State and spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, has made a strong commitment to join the government to prevent and fight against the virus. This Kov 19 will be more effective and successful in the near future.

At a press conference on the "Progress and Continuation of the Ministry of Defense" on April 2, 2020, General Chhum Socheat said, "Given the opportunity that Kov 19 is taking over the country, we have been very involved in this. Together with our people, we prevent the spread of 19 infections and at the same time we do not just curb this Other movements such as security along the border and internal security, including military exercises with China.

So to show what the strength of our army is, we have nothing to lose, to surrender 19 We are committed and so far we do not have any troops in danger of crossing the Ivory Coast. 19 No, this is one of the pride of our army management. We have training programs, living programs, and organizational learning programs, so we have Avoid transmission of copies 19. We will try to take care of additional army to keep us coming Ko Wing 19 ".

The general stressed that the army will always stand with the people, even if there is something very serious to the country, obviously Cambodia is suffering from the outbreak of the virus 19, and the army is ready to join the government. The fight against the Kod 19 was successful, a sign that the army was not running away from the Royal Government. The Government and people of Cambodia.

Regarding the border issue, the spokesman claimed that there was no encroachment on the Cambodian territory by any of the border countries as rumored.

"In the past month, we have not had any reports of violations or violations along the border, we do not have any, yes," he added. And our strength has always been to guard the border, to always maintain a good state of ownership along the border, both Laos and Thailand and Vietnam, our forces remain the same, no situation has changed. ”

By: Tylott