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Phnom Penh: While tour operators complain of high risks that could lead to company closure The global outbreak of the Kovirovirus 19 has severely damaged the world tourism and hotel services Even in Cambodia, the impact of the slowdown on foreign tourists About 30% in the first two months of this year, he reminded the tourism stakeholders to continue to work in Sect, because there are still visitors.

Tourism Minister Thong Khon has issued a warning to all officials under the Ministry of Tourism as well as relevant stakeholders in tourism. Continue to focus on the hospitality, service delivery of visitors as well as other jobs in this area. More as a tourist movement The country continues to have every day.

The minister confirmed that in the second week of March, more than 190,000 local people and foreign tourists remained Continue your sightseeing tours and attractions in Cambodia. According to Thong Khon, following the instructions of the Royal Government of every capital and province, there were no organized tourism events, religious events or concerts. No more touring music. Every day, especially on the weekends, locals and foreign tourists are still doing family tours, small groups and features Young people, especially young people, continue to visit ecotourism sites, community-based tourism, adventure tourism, coastal-island destinations and destinations The provinces are usually normal .

Thong Khon said, “According to the report of the Capital and Provincial Tourism Department, between 9-15 months March, there are more than 190,000 locals and foreign tourists inside. According to the situation, the Ministry of Tourism has advised the Capital and Provincial Tourism Departments to continue to pay more attention to internal tourists. To improve the quality of service, tourism products, hygiene, food and safety of tourists in all tourist destinations, especially in tourist resorts and communities No. Tourism.

Besides that, it is necessary to continue to promote the training of staff and community in the field in small groups and can learn Resorts and communities will sit at least two meters apart, focusing on essential skills such as food and beverage The hospitality, the tourists, the service Find quality and education about the preventive measures of the CAV-19 that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism have introduced Turning the crisis into an opportunity and a readiness for tourists to come when this crisis is over.