The Minister of Tourism has asked the Bar Association of CambodiaAssist the Ministry on some key tasks
Such as legal assistance to the Ministry of Tourism in resolving and mediating tourism disputes.

In the morning of February 19, 2020, Minister of Tourism Thong Khon met with Mr. Barng Visal, President of the Bar Association of Cambodia, in order to ensure the safety of the country. Institution and harmonization of the Law Enforcement Guarantee and Efforts, Mediation, Enhancement and Acceleration of the Government The aim is to contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law and to promote a culture of respect for law and the promotion of law enforcement.

Minister of Tourism spoke about the state of global tourism, the region and tourism in Cambodia, especially in the phase of the Covid-19 crisis, all A non-discriminatory group of ethnic Chinese to counter the crisis and take immediate steps to promote action Tourism and tourism industry.

Thong Khon highlighted the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism to strengthen the management and enforcement of the tourism law, which also saw individuals. Some have taken actions against the rules and regulations on tourism legislation, such as selling souvenirs to tourists and disseminating image information. And negative content from the USA Cambodian media outlets misrepresent and inadvertently undermine national tourism and tourism policies in attracting tourists The more you visit, the better.

The Minister of Tourism has requested the Cambodian Queen to assist the Ministry on some important tasks, such as:
Legal Aid to the Ministry of Tourism in resolving and coordinating dispute disputes and assisting in the development of a Law Guide. It helps to study the gaps in the law on tourism and the letter of legal norms.

Chairman of the Bar Council agreed to the Tourism Minister's request and said that it will continue to work well with the Ministry to strengthen management of tourism. Tourism's tourism policies and practices to be more effective by: