Phnom Penh: Minister of Public Works, His Excellency Prum Sokha Urged public officials to develop capacity in the digital revolution or industrial revolution 4.0 .

The Minister of Public Works said this at the ceremony of taking over the office of senior management and civil servants of the Ministry of Public Works on June 3, 2020 at the school. Royal Government.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 will make Cambodia prosperous in almost every sector. Adopting the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Government of Cambodia has a long-term plan for digital economy development and documentation for digital government. . This is not all government work, but it is the work of Cambodian youth to attend.

Growth of the fourth industry is fast and wide, Cambodia needs to learn more about the 4th industry and training Human resources are lacking.

Furthermore, the Minister of Public Works urged all levels of officials to continue to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Especially the whole nation. He said that all public officials must work together with the Royal Government in combating Kovar-19 alert on ongoing health and hygiene. Follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health. At this stage, do not take the excuse of locking down to prevent HIV-1 and failing to work or access public services. That citizen.

HE Dr. Sokha said that during the crisis, the situation of Kodaw-19 in some circumstances could not leave or lock down. Officials must also work in the same house, as some have to provide public services directly to residents.

By: Beauty