Pi Pay will strengthen its digital payments payments leadershipIn Cambodia, after the merger, June 1, 2020.

Press Release

Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. (Smart) and Pi Pay have been approved by the National Bank of Cambodia. Cambodia to integrate its subsidiary SmartLuy with Pi Pay.

Earlier this year, the two companies volunteered to announce the merger, after completion of the merger. This will lead to a positive change in the way digital payments are handled in Cambodia.

Tom Pay Pokorny, CEO of Pi Pay, said: “As the first digital payment company in Cambodia, A great deal of interest from businesses and future prospects for value added services, a combination that is nearing completion This will provide Pi Pay with many new opportunities and resources to make the most of it Better support for the government's agenda to reduce barriers to digital integration and expand adoption Digital payments among consumers as well as businesses and small retail businesses. ”

The expected transaction will be completed after the completion of the necessary statutes required by the relevant authorities. The full merger of the two companies is the participation of SmartLuy's staff and Pi Pay. SmartLuy's customers, agents and vendors will also join Pi Pay, and existing SmartLuy customers will be encouraged to transfer Their current balance to the Pi Pay account before the integration process is completed. Further communication on customer transfers will be provided through other channels.

The rapid approval of the National Bank of Cambodia is also a big help in strengthening the payment leadership Pi Pay's digital integration after the integration is complete.

Smart Axiata Chief Executive Officer Thomas Hundt said: "This positive development is seen in parallel. With the key strategy of strengthening our digital business portfolio while also bringing creative, lifestyle and entertainment ideas for Millions of our customers, agents, customers, and vendors will be notified continuously throughout the period I am looking forward to the completion of this transaction soon to harness this huge potential in boosting the environment. Financially as well as digital society in Cambodia.

After the merger, Pi Pay (which Smart Axiata will become a minority shareholder) will have a greater chance of making a profit. Data is strong in terms of revenue, infrastructure, payment, robust costs, and most importantly, increasing resources to cope with current challenges as well as challenges. In the future, in a highly competitive market environment, Pi Pay is expected to be more efficient. And innovative ways to enhance the mobile app's presence using SmartLuy's strong network of agents. Supports the leadership of Smart Axiata, a leading mobile operator in the Kingdom.

For more information and updates on Smart Axiata and Pi Pay, go to www.smart.com.kh and www.pipay.com. Smart and Pi Pay will be giving you more updates on the update.

About Smart

Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. is a leading mobile telecommunications operator in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The company is currently serving eight million customers under the "Smart" brand. Smart Axiata is a subsidiary of parent company Axiata Group Berhad, one of the largest telecommunications services providers in Asia.

Smart is one of the leading mobile telecommunications operators in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Smart is the first operator to launch its fourth 4G LTE service in 2014, the 4G + technology of the year. 2016 4G + technology with HD Voice (VoLTE) and 4.5G in 2017. In mid-2019, Smart is launching its first “5G” technology test program in Cambodia, demonstrating its relevance. Mobile data service leader. Smart also offers a wide range of mobile technologies, including 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.75G technology as well as roaming services. ) Available in more than 190 countries. Smart is providing coverage in more than 99% of the population in the whole of Cambodia.

The company is also actively transforming itself into a digital operator by providing innovative entertainment services and programs. A lot of creativity. This includes partnerships with international players such as Universal Music, Apple and Facebook, as well as digital services including: SmartLuy, Life Insurance SmartPay service, SmartPay service, PlengbySmart service, GigaGigsby Smart service and SmartNas service. Smart aims to become “the number one and most beloved telecommunications company” in Cambodia By 2022, through the High Social Responsibility Program and the Sustainable Development for Social and Economic Development.

Smart employs a total of more than 1,000 employees including local and foreign employees. Strive to achieve the common mission of connecting and making life better.

Smart, vibrant life!

About the punk company

Since its launch in 2017, Pipeline has emerged as the leading payment cardless application in Cambodia with a network. Unwavering business and financial partners, including world-class partners such as Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay .

PayPop is a payment application that integrates payment and money transfer services with the essential functions to facilitate everyday use Users also have the chat and search feature of their friends. Pact aims to change the way money is spent in Cambodia with world-class payment technology and infrastructure.

To date, PowerPage has nearly 300,000 active users, more than $ 350 million in transactions and stores. With over 4,500 partners across Cambodia. With greater strides across the Kingdom, PayPal has shown that cashless payment technology can bring convenience. And a real solution for you and your business.

With good working relationships with the National Bank of Cambodia, leading financial institutions and other technology companies, IPP, are trying to take a step toward development. Perfect financial technology to secure and secure Cambodia and bring development to Cambodia ៕