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Pailin: As of March 29, 2020, there had been one trader leading over 50 workers storming through. Tangang fruit is called more than 300 varieties of Pailin: some grow bananas, some grow and others cut branches. Align the leaf gradually as the trader indicates that the nut is now falling The stronger the price, the more expensive it is to lose to Thailand. But they sell it to people in Chinese provinces who want to buy it to Sen Cheng Meng. It is slightly higher than Thailand.

Srey Mao, a 35-year-old trader who lives in Pailin, said he had contracted an orchard. One place in Ta Nang village under Pailin commune, Pailin City, by the owner for selling him for 1 kg for 3,000 riel. If he were to sell it to Thailand, he would sell half a kilo for 1,300 riel to 1,500 riel.

The dealer said the purchase of the mangan is now down, but he was lucky. Due to the fact that the hiring of workers for the Ngantang season is the time when Cambodians are stranded in some Chinese provinces, Demand was bought for Sen Cheng Meng so he could sell a little higher – one kilogram Between 4,000 and 5,000 riels. He also hired several workers to fill the bag with 25 kilos of marijuana for a fee of 5,000 riels. In the past, marijuana was charged at 8,000 riel. But due to the plummeting market prices, the hiring of workers has been reduced accordingly.

The trader stated that the mangrove harvest was more than 10 days ago, with some fields being harvested. 5 tons of rice, but more than 10 tons of this plantation is exported to the provinces of Cambodia. Gradually, one ran into another and another.

The mangers also mentioned that some of them had little grandchildren. Kratie province, some from Pailin City, and from other provinces with mercenaries, called Pailin The daily earnings are sometimes 30,000 to 50,000 Riels. They continued that the night was where they camped and camped and dined together . And the rest of the people of the city went down to their tents at dawn until the next morning; Have the boss in each field until he has stopped working for another. (Editing by: Thida)