Phnom Penh: Samdech Krom Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of InteriorHighly commendable cooperation between Cambodia and the United States, especially since the start of His Excellency Patrick Murphy's term In Cambodia.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sar Kheng (R) holds talks with HE Patrick Murphy, US Ambassador to Cambodia, on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. A delegation of the Ministry of Interior.

He also expressed hope that the relationship between the two countries in his mandate will continue to grow. The Prime Minister made the remarks on Tuesday afternoon, May 26, 2020, during a working meeting with HE Patrick Murphy, US Ambassador to the Kingdom. Cambodia and colleagues at the Ministry of Interior.

In response to the welcoming remarks of the two countries, HE Patrick Murphy noted the cooperation. Good operations on two fronts: first on law enforcement agencies and second on public health.

He also mentioned that this year marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the US Embassy. It will also organize events to further promote and enhance cooperation between the two countries .

His Excellency Patrick Murphy said it was a good cooperation between Cambodian law enforcement and US FBI officials to stop Human trafficking and sexual abuse of children in the past.

The US ambassador to Cambodia has expressed progress with Cambodia on bilateral cooperation in all fields, especially in the areas of repression. Human trafficking as the operation culminated in the kidnapping and deportation to the United States.

"His Excellency noted that law enforcement agencies in Cambodia are affiliated with the United States FBI, which cooperated with the United States to prevent, suppress, and suppress. Some of the suspects have been arrested in connection with the sexual abuse of some children and have been sent back to the US Praised the efforts of public safety in both Cambodia and the United States. "

HE Patrick Murphy also emphasized that the United States will continue to assist Cambodia, even though the United States is suffering from this problem That is the spread of Meadow 19. In addition, the United States continues to assist Cambodia in the fight against technology crime, which has provided many training courses. To Cambodia.

The Kremlin also discussed the conversation between Samdech Techo Hun Sen and the US Secretary of State in the past. This marks the growth of bilateral cooperation between Cambodia and the United States.

Speaking at the meeting, Samdech Kratom also expressed his appreciation to the United States for its assistance to Cambodia in the past. Full support for Patrick Murphy's comments on bilateral cooperation between Cambodia and the United States.

By: Kolab