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The Central Market, the bustling market for foreign and domestic tourists in Phnom Penh, has been quiet since the explosion. Positive CAV-19 comes and spreads every day people get sick Fear. Therefore, the Central Market is now an unusually quiet market. A woman who sells souvenirs at the entrance to the market from the east says after the disease in Cambodia -19, especially in Phnom Penh, has caused a sharp decline in the number of foreign tourists and has affected the market Big new too. In fact, on the morning of March 20, there were no foreigners visiting the Central Market and buying things The souvenir is not a customer. Remember: Most of the Orussey Market vendors are shifting to mobile phones and delivering them home

Mom, who sells jewelry at the Central Market, says with a sigh that now, it's not just customers who buy jewelry, but also the stall owners. Some businesses like him have been forced to close about 60% of their sales because of Phnom Penh. The coronavirus-19 was found too early. Also, in order to prevent the spread of the disease, some see them stop, and so on.

In addition, market managers also advertise protection against cow-19 disease, but due to fear and lack of visitors Foreigners come to the market as well as many guests drop off such stalls. On March 19, about 40 per cent of foreign visitors entered the market, according to Phorn Dany, manager of the Central Market. Only about 20 percent of Cambodians are aware of this before the dreaded disease of cow-19.

The Old Market and the Central Market are also quiet, while the Central Market and the Old Market, once popular
Or, the people who came to buy the merchandise on March 20 were quiet, too.
There is a lot of food coming out to the grocery store, but not as much. Marketers and shoppers are seen wearing more masks. General merchandise, such as clothing, jewelry, also silences buyers. Many of the stalls were closed because of the lack of buyers, and some of them closed. As a general rule, these malls are unusually quiet due to the fears of the HIV-19 virus But there are positives in Cambodia.

Looking at the market in Chamkarmon, such as the Olympic Market, Toul Tum Poung Market, BKK is very quiet, with only sellers. There are no buyers and go to each market and some traders close the shop 20% to 30%. Sold because of poor sales. Olympic president Yuan Yan said that during the COVID-19 outbreak, The number of shoppers is decreasing, with traders still opening the stalls daily. The majority of the market sells clothing, bedding, and retail. Every day about 80% to 85% of stalls are sold. Sales are usually open, but a small number of stalls from 15% to 20% are closed due to poor sales. There is a lot of shoppers going around like before the outbreak.

He also said that the digs of the shop were also open by them. Today is the day he closes tomorrow and re-open, and the day is not ready to sell them if the day is not Then they closed the sale and went home. The silence on the market was not due to the fears of Kov-19 but the commission The Olympic Market and the Market Center (Thai Boon Roong Company) also put alcohol, hand soap everywhere. The Ministry of Health has advised.

The woman who runs a clothing business on the ground floor at the Olympic Market reports that her sales Today, there has been a 90% decline in sales, from morning till now, without you No one buys any money for the riel, but even the provincials do not pick up anything. From him, because they are not sold well.

The slowdown has been around since Chinese New Year, but it's only good at 30%. But from March this year, his clothing sales were non-stop and there were no shoppers Before. Some people come to open stalls but sell out and close their stalls and go home, but for him there is a shortage With daily household expenses and no money to pay the bank, he would be willing to sit still until morning Evening returned home, even without a buyer.

Meeting with Toul Tum Poung Market President Chamroeun Sok Lim, said that Toul Tum Poung market in general as well. Some markets in Phnom Penh are a little quieter, with their traders usually opening stalls. The number of shoppers has decreased more quietly than before. For his market is a mall with a large number of foreign visitors each day, usually 800-1. The number of people who came to buy it has now dropped to 100 or more. He also said that his market in Toul Tum Poung market was mostly stalls, clothing, souvenirs and statues.

Meeting with Boeng Keng Market President Ek Nimol, the manager of Boeung Keng Kang market, said that his market has had many people in the past. Marketed a lot but over the last 10 days it seems a little quieter Nice walking and in the market. Because just five to six days ago, they were shocked to find rice, fish, fish, and fish It has also been boosted by some good rice prices.

Some of the other items are sold at the same price, not on daytime. He also said that there were very few stalls that were closed, with only 10 to 20% off while stalls Another 80 to 85% are still open, but for shoppers, there is a significant decrease Interestingly, before the emergence of the Kovir-19 virus.

A female butcher in the Boeng Keng Kang market says that since the baby boy was infected with HIV-19 Nearly a month ago, he was sold out, only in the past (at noon) did he sell It's nearly over and it's selling hard because of the people shopping. But now there is no selling at all, but the stand-alone desk vendor is not sitting down to eat, with people declining. Up to 70% and 30% decrease, far too much.