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Takeo province: For several months now, small businesses of poor people in some areas in Takeo province Cambodia is also avoiding the effects of the Kov-19. This Kov-19 problem has affected their daily lives, like the people who depend on it. The collection of e-commerce materials is having an impact on family life when prices on the market decline.

According to Chun Nim, a picker near a Takeo market, prices have dropped in recent years. In the case of Kovite-19, the actual plastic bottle or bottle of water was from 700 to 800 riels, but so far Today only 300 riels, chicken wings or feathers previously cost 10,000 to 11,000 riel, but now only 200 riel for carts. The paper costs only 100 riel, unlike 300 riel per kilogram.

The dramatic depreciation on the above items, in addition to hurting family life and even Making her a profit from selling eats, she only raised a meal.

Chun Nim, 63, said that in addition to her past-time sales career, she and her children are busy raising feathers. Duck to get some money to support the daily expenses of the family, but to this day, pick up the sale A bottle of chicken feathers only earns money for food, as opposed to just raising a chicken for 3 to 40,000 dollars. He also earns 20,000 riel per day.

“Recently, I have sold all kinds of paper for sale, selling 220,000 riel and for 22 bucks. Tens of thousands of Riels a day, striving to piece together a piece of paper while sitting down to eat an unwanted meal. In addition, these rents are only leased to sellers to dealers. ”

According to Chun Nhim, today, despite the low price of paper, she is still collecting all kinds of ebooks in each category. Likely, at some point, prices may rise slightly. Today, if you choose to spend your money on something you can buy, buy and buy food, food, and food. The chicken breasts are also quiet.

When the Kov-19 disease started, a friend of a local scooter collector said. In Cambodia, he stopped riding motorbike for a month for fear of infection with Kov-19 In the last few years, he has not bought a paper cart because he has a hard time getting messy, especially cheap. Too.

“While paper sales are more expensive nowadays, I buy paper cartons because they are lazy,” he said. . Buy only the resin, and each sale can earn between 10,000 and 20,000 Riels. Or you can get up to 40,000 riel if the day is high and some things are cheaper.