Since the outbreak of Kov 19, Sro Pov, president of the Cambodian Livestock Association, said Cambodia's livestock sector has not waned, but only increased, he said. At the same time, the Royal Government of Cambodia has been pushing for more, giving them great hope that someday they will succeed in raising this animal. .

The Royal Government of Cambodia recently launched a $ 50 million package through the Bank for Rural Development and Agriculture to provide low-interest loans to the sector. Agriculture, such as livestock, fish and vegetable farming.

Regarding the $ 50 million financing package for the agriculture sector, Mr. Sorn Pov considered the government's thinking in promoting livestock in Cambodia. At best.

Experts in the field have suggested that those who own the land should not leave the land vacant, the opportunity to come and create jobs and create jobs Family income because the rainy season is near and budgets are in place, use quality planting techniques and improved family planning To promote local crops, reduce Imports unnecessary vegetables contribute to rural and suburban poverty reduction.

HE Kao Thach, Director General of the Bank for Rural Development and Agriculture, said that the loan will be provided to companies with a capital investment of no more than 300,000. USD per company, interest rate 6.5%, and for a maximum of $ 200,000 with 6% interest per year . In particular, lending to SME processing plants related to agriculture, farming communities, livestock farmers, vegetable growers, farmers Fish, etc. can only get a loan unless there is a guarantee.

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