Phnom Penh, March 13, 2020 – Cellcard today officially announces the acceptance of Princess Norodom Chen as Goodwill Ambassador to the company.

The announcement was made on the occasion of the Little Princess Jenna's eight-year-old birthday, which she celebrated with an invitation from Cellcard and other close friends at the Cambodian Hotel in Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh.

The little princess Jenna is the second daughter of Prince Norodom Bopha and great-grandson of His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk. She was popularly known as the "little princess".

Cellcard CEO Ian Watson said it was a great honor for Cellcard to have the opportunity to partner with the little princess to step up efforts to support the digital generation. .

"We see this as an excellent alliance – the country's leading mobile phone company, partnering with some of Cambodia's most talented young people," said Watson. Patriotic and caring about the future of the next generation. ”

As we move towards 5G technology, we see that the little princess Jenna will be able to push Cellcard's digital products and services to a stronger position in the market, as well as help to share their accomplishments. From the reform to the digital sector in Cambodia.

At the age of 8, little princess Jenna can speak five languages, is talented in singing, dancing and acting, and she is currently studying Apsara dance.

Cellcard has historically been one of the most active companies in partnering with talented young people locally to help build close relationships with customers while at the same time providing valuable marketing experience and expertise. Partner partners include influencers, singers, dancers and professional gamers.

As a Khmer company and fully owned by Cambodians, Cellcard is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with talented young people like Princess Jenna to help build the digital future of the industry. More ៕