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Kompong Speu: According to preliminary reports, police raided a mobile cock trainer after receiving reports Citizens about a group of cockroaches are screaming and money is flowing. After the lockout, the authorities took away some of the gaming equipment and set up a legal case.

The report said that the crackdown on the cockfighters took place on the afternoon of February 16, 2020 by the district police inspector general. Samrong Tong is located about 50 meters east of Trapeang Veng village, Trapaing Kong commune, Samrong Tong district, Kampong Speu province.

Police sources under the supervision of the provincial police chief led by the Inspector General District launches crackdown on mobile mobile cockpit after receiving reports of good citizens reporting drug addict activity The game was a hoot Interrupted their lives.

According to the source, authorities later arrested 8 people playing cock gambling: 1-year-old San An, 54, of the village Oknha Tep, Trapaing Kong Commune, Samrong Tong District, 2-year-old San Siam, 53 year old, in Cheung Och village, Khlaing Kulul commune, Ang Snoul Chea Sovann, male, 38, Prey Cham village, Khlean commune, Ang district Koul Snake 4 – Sok Narin, Male, age 32, 5- Seng Pao Male, age 28, 6- Nong Channa Male Age: 30 – 7 -years: Male, 27, 8-year-old Keo Chey, 60, from Trapeang Veng village Trapeang Kong, Samrong Tong District, Kampong Speu Province.

After detaining the addicts, authorities confiscated a number of items, including a cock ring, a gas stove. 1 cock and two cock. As of this afternoon, February 17, the competent authorities are still investigating and setting up the case for legal action. (Edited by: Bopha)