Earlier this month, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov promised that Moscow would react normally to European Defense Exercises or Defender Europe 20, but Russia's response would not create unnecessary risks.

US troops and military hardware begin arriving in the northern German port of Bremerhaven on Friday to attend NATO's Defender Europe 20 exercises, according to Sputnik. Considered by the US military to be the largest deployment of US forces in European bases for maneuvers over time Over 25 years.

The US-led exercise involves about 37,000 troops, some 20,000 US personnel and 20,000 US equipment.
The months-long exercise, which will include exercises near the Russian border in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, has been described by some German media as a "rehearsal for an offensive against the country." Russia ”in case of war.

The Pentagon called Defender Europe 20 "an exercise that demonstrates the US military's ability to deploy a large force to support NATO and respond to any crisis."
Update: October