Phnom Penh: Dr. Koy Pisey, Permanent Vice President, SecretaryThe National Authority for Border Affairs said that more than 40 tents set up by Vietnam were in the disputed area along the border. . It is not Vietnamese territory and it is not yet fully Cambodian territory, the two countries need to continue discussions to find a common ground.

She posted a message on Facebook on July 30 that today there are people who have a habit of cheating, cheating and exaggerating the words of the leaders to serve. Its dishonest interests and ambitions have echoed in my interview that Vietnam's tents are Minor things, but they did not continue to quote my explanation to the audience, making people look at people's Facebook I have a misunderstanding.

She said that we and the border leaders, especially Samdech Techo, have put their lives to protect this land so far, so every breath. I have never forgotten my duty to protect the integrity of the territory and not to allow foreigners to invade Cambodia. Cambodia also does not encroach on their territory.

The illegal border commission living on their territory has asked the government to complain to the international community about Vietnam's encampment in Cambodia. I understand what? I think the border front and the interior have been working on this, and it's something we can talk about bilaterally, not big deal. Can't solve it and need to go to someone for help. Cambodia has twice protested through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Vietnam, and Vietnam has said that all Covid will be removed.

"Through this message, I would like to inform you that the tents that Vietnam has set up in more than 40 places are in areas where there is no agreement on the border. That there is no Vietnamese land and not yet full Cambodian land, the two countries must continue to discuss a common ground. Therefore, those unscrupulous people, do not distort things, do not incite, are not patriotic, but you are all here It takes a lot of effort to build a nation, which is very proud of Cambodia. Please do not destroy the nation more than this, you will not have a good destiny, "said Dr. Koy Pisey. By: Kolap