Takeo: More than a hectare of lake land has been paid by a millionaire Possession of land, violation of ownership of property
Although the Minister of Water Resources and Meteorology issued a call on May 8, 2020, the Chief Minister of every province All acts of land grabbing, river bank drainage, river bank, canal, river canal, reservoir to prevent generation water disasters caused by dumping Affecting the tea-water flow for Takeo province is still a land grabbing activity for the state's public lake.

Apparently, the lake at Ouoy village, located in Chambok village, Ta Yab commune, Prey Kabbas district, Takeo province has been infiltrated by wealthy people. There is no law.

Prey Kabbas district governor Nhem Fresh told reporters: “At first, you did not know there was an accident. He dumped the land on the lake because the commune chief did not report to him until he was done. "

“He is not allowed to continue building or doing anything on the land already laid down,” the district governor said.

Surrounded by people who have dumped land into the lake, residents living near the site say they have no confidence in the district's authority The law for the landowners to play on because of the whispering sources has been ongoing from the commune to the deputy governor. One province is behind.