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Banteay Meanchey: 14 Cambodian workers were sacked, according to a Thai website and local newspaper Thailand at Point 3395, Rovieng Khan District and Tharapar District, Sa Kaeo, in the afternoon June 16 on a Thai truck.

The 14 workers were not identified, including 13 men and one woman Thai truck driver arrested and arrested by Thai authorities Well.

Illegal migrant workers crossing the corridor are common, even with the Thai border closed In order to prevent the spread of the Kiev virus 19, the head of the Ministry of Interior has ordered the frontline forces together to prevent it It is illegal to cross the border.

It is thought that if the field team receives the workers from Thailand under the agreement of Banteay Meanchey and Sa Kaeo (port) Ask for details on migrant workers sent back to Thailand Any gateway or point will be able to reach some of the stakeholders (brokers) obviously because of the group Workers cannot travel from their homeland to Thai land on their own. Many speculate as to why the Kiev 19 era was restricted by the borders of both countries. Thai migrant workers smuggled into Thailand (Editing by: Thida)