The loss of Khmer territory in southern Cambodia today The Khmer Krom were cut off from Cambodia to Vietnam on 4 June 1949 by the French administration until 2020, lasting 71 years. Years ago

Khmer Krom Community – Khmer Kampuchea Krom Organization and Khmer Youth League for Democracy Celebrate 71st Anniversary (4-6-1949-04) -6-2020) of French colonial days through the Khmer-Krom territory under the Vietnamese colonial rule, is the most painful day in the history of Khmer nation. The event took place on June 4, 2020 at the Khmer Krom Community Headquarters.

Thach Setha, executive director of the Khmer-Krom Community, said that this year was no different than in previous years, the Khmer Krom and its affiliates. Khmer Youth for Democracy organized a festival to commemorate the loss of Kampuchea Krom.

French colonialists cut the Khmer Kampuchea Krom territory under Vietnamese control on 4 June 1949. Khmer Krom community chief Thach Setha says that since then, the Vietnamese colonial authorities have resorted to violent means to eliminate Khmer ethnicity and Buddhism. Absolutely. Thach Setha said that the Khmer Rouge's struggle had begun to protect national identity, art, culture, literature, Buddhism, national customs and so on. Appreciation and homage to patriotic heroes in the cause, Khmer-Krom community groups and Khmer Youth League for Democracy always celebrate land loss and celebrate Khmer mourning day every 4 June.

June 4, 1949 is the day that Cambodia lost its territory to Lower Kampuchea. The day that the Khmer Krom lost their ownership of their own land. And turned the nation's owner into a minority on his own land.

By: Kolab