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Opportunities, responsibilities and salary increases require people to have high self-confidence and a clear presence in the workplace or business Its. If you do not lead others, you cannot reach your goals in your life quickly. It's why self-confidence is so important for people's success. Here are some tips to help you become more confident and make more money:

1. Don't be afraid to misunderstand others
It's not difficult to nod in agreement with others, especially if they are higher than you Or even older than you. Obviously, your role is to think and find innovative solutions that are effective, so if you don't attend the meeting then you are Can't stand out.

2. Stop asking questions when the sentence is over
People have a bad habit of asking the other person, "Right?" At the end of their sentence. But it does not help you. On the contrary, doing so shows that you are unsure of yourself and need others to agree.

3. Know when you can turn down the job
Taking a job out of fear of others can have a lot of impact on you, especially when you are having it Many titles are in hand because they affect your performance. Rejecting a job that you feel is essential does not necessarily mean that you are fully aware of your ability Show others how much you value yourself and your time.

4. Sit in front and center
Children who do not listen to the teacher prefer to sit in the back, and it is no different at work. Whenever there are meetings or meetings, you should be in the front row, sitting upright and smiling. You will make people in attendance remember you. Edited by: Sokhuk