Phnom Penh: A Study Tour Planning Master in Kep Province Having been in progress, the Ministry of Tourism believes that this Master Plan will help Kep to become a high-end, luxury luxury tourism destination. With attractiveness and competitiveness in the region and the world. According to the Ministry of Tourism.

HE Tith Chantha, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism, HE Chea Bora, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism, and HE Kuntha, Governor of Kep Province Kep on May 4, 2020.

HE Ny Phally, Under Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism and Head of the Secretariat of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for the Study of Tourism Master Plan On January 15, 2020, the Royal Government of Cambodia established an inter-ministerial committee To study the master plan for tourism development in Kep and Mondulkiri.

HE Ni Phally added that the study of the Kep Tourism Master Plan has been implemented since December 2019. There will be an influx of inputs and support from the provincial government, departments, specialty units at the provincial level to enable this master plan. Sufficient Shared responsibilities and responsibilities.

He added that since tourism is inter-sectoral, this Master Plan must be considered inter-sectorally, such as the field of urbanization. And construction, environment, transportation, agriculture, water, electricity, solid waste management, creation of new tourism products that need to comply with the potential and resources available. For example, natural resources, religion, culture, agriculture, and many other areas are not properly aligned with legal, legal and supporting documents. .

The Kep Tourism Master Plan is aimed at developing Kep as a high-class, tranquil and attractive destination for Kep. Competing in the region and the world. Increasing the quality of existing tourism products and creating more innovative tourism products to extend the stay of tourists throughout the season Long. Diversifying the tourism market by targeting tourism products. Ensure sustainable development of natural resources, and territorial planning, urbanization and construction, especially for local economic growth.

HE Phally added that the team has completed the Concept note of a study and is continuing to collect and analyze the data. To reach the draft Kep Tourism Development Master Plan.

On that occasion, HE Tith Chantha advised the team to study the master plan to take into account positive, negative and management. Environmental risks, clean water systems, buildings, public buildings and other areas are intended to keep visitors in the spotlight. Visited the province .
The Ministry of Tourism has also requested the Kep provincial government to set up a specialist working group to support and conduct research with the national team for preparation The Kep Tourism Master Plan has been achieved with fairness, equality, transparency and sustainability.

HE Kantha expressed his support for the Ministry of Tourism's proposal and proposed a number of plans to be included in the Master Plan, namely, coastal development. New tourist sand (from wastewater treatment station to mangrove forest) and Ou Kros beach are located in Srok commune, Damnak district, as well as the port. Tourism Miniature in Rabbit Island, the provision of a roller coaster for tourists to travel from one destination to another.

According to HE Ni Phally, the draft Kep Tourism Development Plan will be completed by the end of July 2020 and will be submitted to the Inter-Commission Committee meeting Ministry of Information by August 2020. Following the modification or approval of the Royal Government, the Kep Tourism Master Plan will be implemented from 2021 until By 2035, there will be revisions for next year's implementation