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Phnom Penh: The Club of Cambodian Journalists has called on all professional journalists to adhere to reporting on KV The 19th century was spreading all over the country, and Cambodia was also spreading. According to a press release from the club on March 18.

Having said that, seeing the press and playing a very important role in informing the people and perceiving the problem Kov 19 is an important issue that requires all parties, as well as citizens, to engage in prevention and fight To prevent the spread of the community as well To avoid that, the Club of Journalists appeals to all journalists working in the country. Pay attention to important points such as: Please make certain that your information regarding KWD 19 is strictly in accordance with your medical explanation based on your explanation Expertise or on proper scientific research to avoid misleading information about people Cough disease 19.

2. Be extremely ethical in respect of the privacy of persons infected with the HIV-1 virus Explicitly identify themselves, whether they are foreigners or Khmer, unless they are significant public figures The Ministry of Health officially declares it or is itself a declaration GUIDE.

3rd. Please report any cases of HIV infection 19 without using any words or expressions that may result in Distribute or discriminate against any person or community. Fourth. All journalists should adhere to the proper methods and procedures to protect themselves against the HIV-1 infection, as recommended. The Ministry of Health is adamant both in the field of work and in communicating with others. Especially when going down to risky places High ៕