The border affairs commission has assured that the demarcation of the Cambodian border with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam will continue to be completed in the near future, ensuring territorial integrity and national sovereignty to the nation and its people. Cambodia does not lose.

According to a statement by the Joint Committee on Border Affairs on March 31, 2020, "in the work of demarcation and border demarcation between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam under the proper and wise direction of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia till date "This will be achieved 84% of the border line and will continue to be 100% complete to ensure the territorial integrity and national sovereignty at no cost to the nation and the people."

In the meantime, the Joint Committee for Border Affairs also called on the authorities to maintain the plots and prevent legal action against those who intentionally violate the lands by producing false information, falsifying documents The law aims to confuse the public, national and international.

In addition, the Joint Commission on Border Affairs has completely rejected the posting of false and misleading information posted on Auckland Facebook and William Guang's website on March 25, 2020 regarding Cambodian border issues.

The announcement came after Khon Sovann's Facebook page and the website of Sok Sovan Vathana Sabong, the chairman of the Khmer People's Party, commented on the border, "What the Vietnamese authorities have the right to cross into Cambodia? Cambodians not allowed to farm in Cambodia? ” And “Khmer are busy with the story of Vietnamese soldiers crossing the border to chase Khmer people on Cambodian soil” in Trapeang Tung village, Trapainglong commune, Punjab district, Tbong Khmum province.

The Joint Commission for Border Affairs noted that in the last period, a group of activists and their associates intentionally created and fabricated fictitious propaganda material for the purpose of illegally occupying the area in private. Local and international opinion accuses the government of border work of undermining Territory as well as a violation of territory from neighboring countries through the creation of false information about the cases, people lose their farmland in the village pond Tropaeng Triathlon Triathlon California Krek Khmom.

In this regard, the Joint Committee on Border Affairs also called on the people of the country and abroad to not believe and not distribute fake money laundering posts, which often produce false information in an attempt to tarnish the border affairs. The Cambodian government has all of these actions that may face legal action Lee Thomas