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Siem Reap: On the morning of January 22, 2020, the Apsara Authority, Culture, and Environment Department of the Apsara Authority cut a banana tree. This can be very risky for tourists passing through the temple at the entrance of Neak Pean.

Apsara Facebook, Apsara Authority, announces that Yin Sovath is a professional officer from the Department of Forest Management He said that one of these shrubs had long been dead and that its branches and roots were rotten and could be broken. Risks for visitors to walk through the Neak Pean Temple.

In view of this problem, the team decided to cut the banana tree in an attempt to prevent and minimize the harm that would eventually cause harm. Tourists prevent damage to the temple structure and to preserve the beauty of the temple complex.

During the work, the team set up a detour to accommodate guests and avoid any danger. When cutting a broom tree.

The Apsara Authority has sought the approval of all national and international guests and is cooperating for a smooth and safe work practices. All high. This is the daily authority of the Apsara Authority to maintain the cultural landscape as well as the environment in Angkor. (Edited by: Bopha)