The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC) has opened an inter-ministerial meeting on the organizationDraft Digital Government Policy Framework on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting discussed the following agendas: Presenting a framework for national information and coordination of e-government Employers in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and a digital government priority list review and discuss the status of ministries and institutions .

Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Mr. Tram Iv Tek said the push for the creation of digital government is the use of electronic means to manage the work system and The fundamentals of providing transparent, easy, quick and effective communication with people and businesses Enhancing the effectiveness of the Royal Government's work through the creation and use of a shared digital infrastructure And capacity building programs for all stakeholders. The minister said that today's meeting was to discuss the priority list of digital government systems in Cambodia and to decide on e-System ministries. Each for us to put in a program of digital government building. Minister stressed that all ministries must have electronic management plan for functioning within their ministries and institutions in administration, information sharing Or the provision of public services.

Taking the opportunity, the Minister confirmed to the meeting to better understand the working arrangements related to the establishment of digital government and Also share the evolution of technology in the fourth generation industry