Stung Treng Ratanakiri: The indigenous people of Phnong in Kbal Romeas commune Se San district of Stung Treng province held a village closure ceremony from March 23 to March 30, 2020 in order to protect the Kov 19 and the indigenous traditions. In the case of minorities, fines are fine. Meanwhile, Pathe commune in Ratanakiri province's Oyadav district has been closed and closed since March 21 to prevent and prevent the spread. The disease is also known as Kov-19.

Ethnic villagers in Kbal Romeas commune said anyone who met his village, which was closing for seven days, was fined 700,000. In severe cases, people who were seriously ill could leave the village for treatment, but would not be able to enter the village for seven days. The village has long been a tradition If there is a strange illness, his or her village must have a ceremony to close the village with no sign of entry and a statue to mark the village. His closure didn't allow you to come in and out, and you didn't have to pay the fine, but the fine cattle and wine are now fine. Change fine to beer cattle Money.

The case of the outbreak of the HIV-infected 19 virus in Patat commune in O'Yadaw district of Ratanakiri province has been denied entry. March 21 to prevent and prevent the spread of Kov-19. Chhay Thy, the commune chief, said that the detention of the commune authorities forbids strangers from entering or communicating with people in his commune. But trading is unrestrained, with normal business.

Chhay Thy confirmed that the closure of the Pathe commune was indefinitely, with the reopening of normal check-ups when the disease was confirmed. The V-19 is blocked in Cambodia. In the four villages, the local authorities deployed the guards with the participation of the villagers and they helped to explain the villagers and the villagers. New revenue on COVID-19.

According to the Patriarch, this is only a precaution during the Covid-19 expansion.