Cambodian Real Estate Association (CREA) Chairman Khun Puthy said that nowadays online and E-commerce people are less likely to go out and buy more goods, which have less impact. As in the 2003 pandemic, there was no such outbreak.

Puthy noted that with the fear of the virus … pandemics are less likely to go to the market, turning to online purchases with home delivery, reducing the market to 2020 as opposed to 2003.

Not only that, he also reminded the people that social media spread the false and fast news that groups who take advantage of themselves to spread false information. "So please our citizens who use social media should be careful about the sources."

To minimize any outbreaks, he urges people to keep their sanitation and to regularly wash their hands with soap, especially when we are out on the market. Particular attention should be given to cleaning any germs at all times, contacting any contaminated material, and place a good amount of alcohol in the sink at all times. In addition, law enforcement officials involved in border crossings should frequently wash their hands after touching foreign passports.

According to the Ministry of Health, Cambodia has so far not identified any of the coronaviruses in Cambodia, but called on people to be very careful, especially at the checkpoints along the international border. All over the country ៕