A man has decided to post a search for a young wife on Facebook Tears flickered in front of the camera, after the wife had left her son and son without knowing whether he was running after her or being cheated. They are.

Through a Facebook account called Phearun Mountain, the husband posted a video and a photo of his wife, posting: This is my wife, please help me on 0887825716.

However, later on the Facebook account the husband also revealed that his wife was sleeping with a new boyfriend. It is very nice to have a Facebook account named "Boy" or "Bee Love".

Also on the topic of her adulterous wife, a social network user came to Cmt to give some ideas to husbands to make strong decisions. In that way they said: "He is despised and rejected of men; We have not. Cut off to build a new Christian girl, we can do it, we just do it and we don't want anything like this in the den Family and we are busy raising our children. ៕: Lim Hong