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Tbong Khmum: Authorities have been following the district and provincial boundaries by holding alerts since 12 pm The 9th of April, until the 10th of April, is in the territory east of the Mekong River It is usually normal for people traveling with cars, cars, and motorbikes Third, authorities blocked and disrupted his travel time by asking them to return to their original places.

It is noteworthy that the brothers in Tbaung Khmum province are well aware that they are well cooperative. But just before 12 pm on April 9, only about 12 workers had arrived in his hometown Prior to this closing announcement.

Tbong Khmum provincial police chief Maj. Gen. said that each municipality was assigned to the deputy chief of six provinces. The leaders to lead the task force to monitor each of the targets implemented till April 17, 2020 Get back on track.

It should be noted that the blockade was followed by Order 02 of the Royal Government of Cambodia urgently to inspect the border Seven districts in Tbong Khmum province, bordering other provinces, are shut down to prevent and prevent the disease.