In the meantime, the HIVavirus 19 is attacking Cambodia Relatives and faraway guests have been reluctant to attend the wedding, leaving some of the brides in the last few days silent. Especially, the owners of those weddings are at a loss for not having enough money to pay for food, tables, music, contemporary music and other expenses. That wedding.

Who is to blame! Some of the wedding owners have decided to cancel the wedding
In a big way, they come and organize a small ceremony to complete the tradition without the guests, and some weddings. It was a one-off.

To work with the Royal Government to prevent the spread of the HIV virus The wedding was also delayed by some residents.

But the challenge for the people is that the owners of the building, renting the building, renting the plant have refused to delay and demanded a deposit and demand Have people pay 50% more to the band.

The companies' rentals indicate that they have not joined the Royal Government and the people to prevent Epidemic of viregovite 19 No, they know only one thing, money, money. Please ask relevant government agencies to review this case.

Facebook also said, "The wedding is very challenging, I think the audience is all over the place. Born or not, we do not know what to eat, drink and be drunk, then dance, sweaty, stir, should broadcast to the state The wedding will be very serious if Corona is infected. ”

"Delaying or postponing does not mean they don't, and they don't have to spend any capital to prepare for it," he said. Many are told too long. "I think the only savings that are out of the deposit are more than the average person can swallow."

"It's worth mentioning that the owners of the wedding rental building are actually seeing bigger money than the lives and spread of the virus. In my opinion, the owner is certain that he would like to postpone the event, since he has already booked some Or, one year ago, this situation would not be possible for the shop owner to withdraw the deposit. "The Royal Government would like to facilitate or suspend the marriage to prevent the spread of Kov 19."

"Whatever I mean, not just one Diamond Island, the other center, and the opportunity for a crisis country to take money. Reservations, even if the program owner asks for a suspension or an extension, he doesn't care what the government announces, but my company policy has to tell a month in advance "

“I just received the building owner's notice for the photo you posted – the owner was notified the day before. On the day of the wedding, both the building and the building were booked and decorated so they couldn't refund their deposit. The building must be notified at least five business days prior to the event Money Book for the next time. " By: Kolab