Phnom Penh: You already know about a man youIn social media, he is considered a hero in his heart now because he sacrificed his life to save the victim girl. In the attic, while trapped in a blazing fire, she sadly lost her life.

However, his efforts to rescue the girl also sparked public outcry over the ambulance. Allegedly, there was not enough equipment, especially oxygen, in the car as he hugged the victim girl, who was found to be still there. Breathing, running, struggling to find an ambulance.

When he arrived at the car, he could not find any medical staff on the spot, so he exploded in anger and shouted at the staff. An ambulance because of his feelings at the time, he felt sorry for and worried about the girl who was in need of emergency treatment. However, after the incident, he also apologized to the ambulance staff for the words he used inappropriately.

Through his Facebook account, Klang KN, the man wrote: "Yes, I'm sorry. The ambulance that I had bad words to the group of brothers, because I was worried about the life of the girl, please be kind Forgive me, yes. ” By: Lim Hong