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PHNOM PENH – The Khmer Boxing Federation and the weekly boxing show have agreed to curb the odds, giving them a chance. Boxers only compete in the ring twice a month to protect their health and avoid being damaged by work. Too many consecutive games, no time Diarrhea.

Due to the number of boxing events over the course of the week, there are up to more than 10 and require over 100 boxers. The contestants gave the contestants the opportunity to advance to the ring almost every day. Weeks.

According to experts, if a boxer is over-active without some time off or rest, the boxer will be disqualified. Yes. For example, there are many boxers such as Moeun Sokhour, Puthy Chhay Rithy, Pheu Vong Puth Club Kun Khon and Vong Noy were beaten every week by then .

All four of them play in the ring each week as the owners of the ring lack the cooperation and fills the gap. Match officials, clubs and coaches, as well as their players need money, they have to compete. At present, five TV stations – Southeast Asia Bayon or BTV CNC PNN and RCAF TV5 and the Khmer Boxing Federation – have announced their cooperation. They no longer have to compete four times a month, allowing them to compete twice a month Some rest.

In all five matches, match officials will no longer hide from their opponents. After the match, they have to know each other's opponents so that the club boxers do not steal. Put their students somewhere else. For the first time, the boxing managers of the five TV networks shake hands and show off their opponents. . They will establish communication via email.

Lieutenant General Tha Mien, president of the Khmer Boxing Federation, welcomed such cooperation. At the same time, he asked all five TV representatives, along with match officials, to use the email without informing other officials. No (Edited by: Bopha)